Om Prakash Aryal Interview

After a landmark verdict of the Supreme Court on a case filed aganst the suspended CIAA Chief Lokman Singh Karki, advocate Om Prakash Aryal, who had filed a writ petition contesting Karki’s appointment, said his quest for justice would continue.

There are still several Lokmans active in our society, said Aryal, who had also challenged the appointment of Khilraj Regmi as the chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Karki was picked the chief of the CIAA when Regmi was leading the technocratic government.

Aryal said Nepal’s state mechanism was under the control of leaders influenced by different interest groups which led to the appointments of people like Regmi and Karki.

He said that Karki was the “first gift” that Regmi had given to the country after he came to power.

The apex court deciding that Karki is unfit to head a constitutional agency, according to Aryal is a great achievement for Nepali society that would help help institutionalise the democratic republic order in the country.

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