Heart broken story of a women

After falling into the hands of
human traffickers in Mexico, one woman has estimated she was raped
43,200 times in a span of four years. Karla Jacinto is now sharing her
heartbreaking story in the hope of raising awareness about the horrific
trade that is destroying the lives of countless girls around the world.

This 22 years old young girl was first trapped by a man who as a human
trafficker. She thought she had found her charming prince when she was
only 12 years old. The innocent girl was raped at the age of 12 by the
same man whom she loved.

Alluring the young girl with different gifts and promises she was taken
to one of the city of Mexico which was a city of prostitute. Karla was
involved in sex business for three months there. Later on the same
trafficker took her to another  big city Gaudalajar in Mexico. The poor
girl was involved in prostitution for 4 years.

Karla claims that she had been raped 43 Thousand and 2 Hundred times
till now. Everyday she was raped by thirty people. Her this course
started from morning 10 A.M and ended till mid night. The young girl has
suffered alot and even lost her childhood in terrible world of sex
business. However Karla now has overcame from all the incidents and want
to spread awareness across the world with her sad story.

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