Internet in Nepal

lthough through 2010 less than 23 percent of Nepal’s population used the Internet, use of

Top 5 Directors Who Scored Hit From First Film

The film Chhakka Panja revolves around four friends in a village — Raja (Deepak Raj

Kailali fish about one report

Many farmers in Bardiya district engaged in production of cereal crops have started turning towards

Pokhara Nepal

The District Court – Jajarkot has sentenced a couple to life in prison with confiscation

56 lakh looted

Kathmandu, Lalitpur Sub-14 MTUC Lakshmi Rai apartment into place jarnabahadura robber gang have robbed more

Bhaktapur Nepal prostitutes

Bhaktapur was the largest of the three Newar kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley, and was

Power News – Corrupt Transport Management of Nepal

Also Read: Sunday’s cabinet meeting has decided to accept a loan assistance from Japan International

Main Power Compny In Black List

A person’s job is their role in society. A job is an activity, often regular

Saudi Arab Nepali Worker

Special passport holders in Saudi Arabia will, starting April 1, not need visas to enter

lemon tree News

In Nepal the traditional method of agriculture or irrigation is used more than the modern