Amazing Story of Chanchala Subba

There are many stories behind Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Third Gender and Intersex (LGBTI) in Hinduism. Hindu society and culture perceive LGBTIs as good luck. For example, a newly born child or newly married couple in Hindu society gets blessed by LGBTIs that are believed to be an incarnation of god.

Despite the existence of LGBTIs in the society, the identity and issues of LGBTI came forward officially only since 2001 in Nepal. Since 2006, Nepal is a secular state where LGBTI community represents diverse culture and religion.

Interestingly, LGBTI people in Nepal have been successful to establish their identity and issues in private and public sphere and law, policies, plans and programmes within short period of time. Although the economic and social status of LGBTI is yet to be better, Nepal has been the most active country in South Asia towards the identity and issues of LGBTIs. It has taken a number of steps to address the issues of LGBTIs. The National Youth Policy, 2010 of Ministry of Youth and Sports in Nepal defined “youths as women, men and third genders of 16-40 age group”. By recognizing the identity of third genders, Nepal’s census-2011 included third genders in its survey form. The Supreme Court of Nepal through its verdict in 2007 introduced gender identity of third gender people as natural and urged the government to issue citizenship certificate to them as per their preferred gender identity. In addition, the 2008-2009 budgets of the government allocated some fund to ‘tesrolingi or ‘third sex’. The Three-Year National Human Rights Action Plan (2010-2013) of the government included some programmes and budget for them. The Election Commission for the first time recognized third genders in its new voters’ list in 1013.

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